Power-Up 20 Million Women and Their Male Allies in STEM by 2030

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Bridget R.

The “Watch Me” program includes incredibly powerful tools for becoming more self-aware. I gained a better understanding of why I do what I do, and how I can make little changes in my life to own my power from within. Ever since I was introduced to the program, I’ve been able to be more thoughtful about taking simple steps forward to get closer to my end goals. I know what my “Watch Me” is and I am going after it!

Bridget R. Virginia, USA
Melissa C

I am so grateful to have found the “Watch Me” community. The women leading the program help women to grow as leaders, reach our goals, and take ownership of our successes. It has been a very rewarding experience to join this diverse network of women supporting women. No matter your age or where you’re at in your career, I would recommend the program to anyone.

Melissa C Virginia, USA
Rehana Rehman

The 4 Pillars to Power-Up is life changing! It is a foundation for personal and professional growth!  Jump in head first! You will not regret it!

Rehana Rehman Saratoga, CA
Patricia W.

Gina Nienaber is inspiring and entertaining when it comes to helping other people power. Sharing her stories and how she overcame challenges she has faced, helped me to put into perspective the areas in my own life where I want to power-up and grow. Gina offered actionable takeaways that I could apply to my everyday life right away. I found the Power-Up Growth Guide offered to be a great tool to use and apply with my own challenges and in my journey of self-development. I highly recommend exploring ‘The 4 Pillars to Power-Up’ with Gina!

Patricia W. Charleston, SC
Dan Crawford

This is a rare program that connects with and develops both your personal and professional life. It inspires you to (re)discover your self worth and (re)focus your intentionality for achieving the life you have always envisioned. Accept the Watch Me challenge and Power-Up your life.

Dan Crawford Portland, OR
Cheri B.

I can’t say enough good words about the “Watch Me Lead” workshop series. The program gives concrete, actionable steps to achieve personal success in a very simple format. As a woman of STEM, It can be difficult to carve out time in my busy schedule to focus on myself and my goals, but the “Watch Me” program has made that not only possible, but enjoyable. Watching the videos and reading the guides is easily now a favorite part of my week.

Cheri B. Washington DC
Natacha D.

The 7 Steps to Owning Your Power developed by Gina Nienaber is an inspiring workshop to improve the quality of your thinking on a daily basis, so you can become increasingly self-aware and accelerate both professionally and personally your growth, the accomplishment of your goals and the growth of the people around you. Following the concept of self-management, it helps to ask the right questions to foster success in every aspect of your life!

Natacha D. Brussels, Belgium

I know what my "Watch Me" is and I am going after it! 

- Bridget R.