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Power-Up Corporate Leadership Training

“Leadership is the lid that determines a person’s level of effectiveness. Your leadership ability will determine the impact you have on an organization. The lower your ability to lead, the lower the lid on your potential.”

- John Maxwell

Watch Me Power-Up Corporate Leadership Training provides customizable packages aiming to Power-Up the most important resource in your company - your human resources.

Your people are responsible for building the business and no matter their position in the company, (executive leadership team, c-suite, middle management or individual contributor) they will be responsible for driving the business from their place in the company.

Power-Up Corporate Leadership Training, but WHY?

You would be hard pressed to find 10 out of 100 people surveyed to tell you they are happy with their current leader in their organization at work.

Current workplace statistics are astonishing:


In a 2018 Monster.com poll, the majority (76%) of U.S. respondents said they currently have or recently had a toxic boss. None of us have to search too far back in our memory to think of a leader from our past who was toxic.

The Monster.com poll respondents described toxic bosses as:

    • Power-hungry (26%)
    • Micromanager (18%)
    • Incompetent (17%)
    • Absent or just never around (15%)

That’s compared to the minority (5%) of respondents who said they were friends with their boss and 19% who described their boss as a mentor, or someone they can learn from and know has their back.

What type of leaders do you want tending to your most precious resource? Toxic bosses with low leadership lids, or a leader that is continually raising their leadership lid and effectiveness through Power-Up Corporate Leadership Training?


As discussed in Daniel Goleman’s book Emotional Intelligence, we must never forget a person with a high IQ and a low EQ (emotional quotient a.k.a. emotional intelligence score) will be outperformed in the workplace 70% of the time by a person with an average IQ and high EQ.

Are you providing your people with leadership training focused on raising their EQ? We certainly hope so!

Daniel Goleman once said “IQ scores predict extremely well whether a person can handle the cognitive challenges a given position demands. But IQ washes out when it comes to predicting who, among a talented pool of candidates within an intellectually demanding profession, will become the strongest leader.”

Even the brightest employees in the company need leadership training and help to grow from an emotional quotient perspective.

And Finally,

The most disturbing data point...

CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise - and fired for their lack of emotional intelligence.

When people take on leadership roles, they usually start out with great intentions and are selected to serve as the leader of a team because of their high IQ and business acumen. Most individual contributors who become newly appointed team leaders have focused so much on their day job, they are left with minimal to no time to focus on preparing to become great leaders.

To be successful as a leader today in the multi-cultural workplace, our leaders are required not only to have high IQ and business acumen, but are also required to have:

  • High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • High Self-Awareness
  • Razor Sharp Soft Skills
  • Excellent Leadership Skills

The cold, hard truth is this: we all have leadership lids and the name of the game is to grow our people in the area of leadership so we can continue to raise our leadership lids and grow our businesses and increase profits for shareholders.

Low leadership skills, mixed with low emotional intelligence scores, can lead to informal, or even worse, formal human resources complaints. This means months of investigation and hardship to innocent bystanders - including the leader themselves.

The end result is forced emotional intelligence and leadership training for the leader and a tarnished record for the reporting party, all of which can be avoided with an upfront investment in your people.

Power-Up Corporate Leadership provides solutions for the following challenges:

    • Inconsistent leadership skills from the bottom up and top down in your company
    • Human resource complaints based on low EQ leaders higher up in the organization
    • Poor cross-team collaboration
    • Difficulty building and leading high-performing individuals and teams
    • Placement of team killing leaders or team killing individual contributors
    • Toxic personality mismatches
    • Lack of radically candid feedback between leaders and individual contributors
    • Lack of leaders to step forward and lead when the time is right
    • Empire building, disconnected team communication, and information hoarding
    • Individual contributor and leadership performance inconsistency
    • Inability to deal with outside team issues such as illness in the family, death of a loved one or other family hardships
    • Bad behavior in the workplace such as bullying, sexual harassment and gender bias
    • Difficulty dealing with unconscious bias
    • Promotion timing based not on IQ and business acumen alone, but also EQ and leadership skill set

Watch Me Lead has a robust toolkit to help you address the above challenges. Increasing the leadership lid of your people will drastically improve team performance, resulting in increased business performance. The results will speak for themselves.

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