Power-Up 20 Million Women and Their Male Allies in STEM by 2030


The Watch Me Team

Gina Nienaber (CEO) and Melissa Slone (COO) are the co-founders of Watch Me Lead.

Watch Me Lead, founded in January 2018, is a global integrated digital media company with products targeted across the age spectrum (from 5 to 50+ yrs. old) executing on the vision to "Change the face of humanity by Powering-Up 20 million women and their male allies by 2030 to solve the deepening STEM crisis and secure the future of the digital economy".

Under Gina and Melissa’s leadership, Watch Me Lead has crafted a multi-year strategy to collaborate and partner across governments, corporations, foundations and education institutions to release age-appropriate products and services to inspire young people to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) studies at one end of the age spectrum while, at the same time, releasing products at the other end of the age spectrum to solve the mid-to-late STEM talent leaky pipeline.

“Development is an inside job.”

- Gina Nienaber

About Gina

Woman in Tech, Entrepreneur, Expert in Building Self-Confidence, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Skills

Gina is passionate about helping women power-up into their greatness. She has first hand experience dealing with mid-career misery and knows what it is like to walk to edge and look over the side and live to tell about it. She is passionate about restoring hope to the hopeless. She has helped hundreds of women get unstuck and return to sanity by inspiring and equipping them with tools to remove roadblocks, build self-confidence, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. If you need a shot in the arm to help reboot your career trajectory, Gina can deliver the goods you need and send you on your way to greatness.

“Keep Moving Forward! You have got to Grow or Go!”

- Melissa Slone

About Melissa

Entrepreneur, Numbers Wizard and Expert in Building High Performing Teams Who Build Multi-Million Dollar Businesses ($100M+)

Melissa is a coach at heart. She is gifted at helping individuals identify and tap into their limitless potential. She can help you get the most out of your team members and identify who you need to recruit or remove to fill your performance gaps. Melissa has expertise with dealing with bullies in the workplace and can articulate the negative business outcomes of not removing a bully from a high performing team. If you need to learn how to lead people, build teams, or bust bullies from your business, or if you are actively being bullied in the workplace, Melissa has the game plan you need.

"Empower yourself."

- Meg Wagner

About Meg

Expert in Nutritional Therapy and Physical and Spiritual Wellness

Meg specializes in helping women get back on track physically and spiritually. If you are stressed out and your gut is a mess, Meg is the answer to your stomach nightmares. She literally became a nutritional expert to save her own life. In fact, Meg has Primary Immune Deficiency and has found a way to live, work and play in society with only a 1/2 of an immune system. She knows what it is like to be physically ill and not just hold down full time employment, but thrieve in a highly demanding field of work. Meg is a licensed nutrition practitioner and has helped coach hundreds of women back to superior gut health and increased performance in the workplace.