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Do you feel successful, or like a failure?

If you are not creating the kind of success in your personal or professional life as quickly as you are striving for you are about to discover how to make it happen.

We all have limitless potential to create whatever future we can imagine in our minds. But most of us are walking through life on auto-pilot - in an unconscious state.

So, let's raise our Q's

I'm Ready

Let's face it:

Emotional intelligence
is key to our success


The statistics speak for themselves. From Daniel Goleman’s book on Emotional Intelligence:

  • A person with a high IQ and a low EQ will be outperformed in the workplace 70% of the time by a person with an average IQ and high EQ.
  • IQ scores predict extremely well whether a person can handle the cognitive challenges a given position demands. But IQ washes out when it comes to predicting who, among a talented pool of candidates within an intellectually demanding profession, will become the most influential leader.
  • CEOs are hired for their intellect and business expertise—and fired for their lack of emotional intelligence.

The statistics are clear. Emotional intelligence is key to our success.

We want all women to be equipped to step forward and lead. And this requires each of us to continually grow in the areas of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, soft skills, and leadership skills.

Ready to Raise your EQ?

“Keep Moving Forward!
You have got to Grow
or Go!”

- Melissa Slone