Have you been told you can't?

You shouldn't?

There's not a place for you?

You know what we say?



Not where you thought you'd be
at this point in your life?


Don't Know What You Should Do Next?

Crushed By Fear and Uncertaintly?

I hear you. Heck, I've been you.

And I'm here to tell you, you're not alone. Women in the STEM fields (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics) quit their jobs at twice the rate of men.

We cannot let this happen. The STEM crisis cannot be filled by our male counterparts.

The STEM talent acquisition problem is two-pronged:

(1) There are not enough women coming into the talent pipeline, while at the same time,

(2) too many women who enter the field are leaking out within 2-5 years after joining the workforce.

So, I say, Watch Me.

Watch me and all the other girls and women in STEM overcome our obstacles.

WATCH ME℠ is leading the way to solve the deepening STEM crisis by offering a diverse product portfolio set to inspire, equip, connect and partner with women across the age spectrum.

Watch Me Be Happy

“Women didn’t create the barriers in tech, and we cannot break them down alone. But we can lead the way.”

- Melinda Gates

So how do we do this?

By increasing our Q's!

When people take on leadership roles, they usually start out with great intentions and are selected to serve as the leader of a team because of their high IQ and business acumen. Most individual contributors who become newly appointed team leaders have focused so much on their day job, they are left with minimal to no time to focus on preparing to become great leaders. They have not focused on developing their emotional intelligence (EQ), physical intelligence (PQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ).

To be successful as a leader today in the multi-cultural workplace, our leaders are required not only to have high IQ and business acumen, but are also required to:


Increase Emotional Intelligence (EQ) to feed self-awareness to tap into your potential

Tend to Physical Intelligence (PQ) to build diet, exercise and sleep routine for peak output

Cultivate Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) to connect to greater good and all of humanity

Build Razor Sharp Soft Skills to communicate and build influence with others


The cold, hard truth is this: we all have leadership lids and the name of the game is to grow ourselves (EQ, PQ, SQ) first and then the people around us. And then, together we grow the bottom line and increase profits for shareholders.

Watch Me Lead

“Development is an inside job.”

- Gina Nienaber

It's time to stop your Mid-Career Misery.

Give me a Month, and I'll change your life.

Watch Me Get My Life Back


WATCH ME℠ is fully invested in changing the face of humanity by 2030 through the education of 20 million women and their male allies teaching each that "Development is an Inside Job" and calling them to step forward into their future by searching until they each find their Watch Me.

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